As part of our commitment to making ASAMARI a true association for its members, by its members, we seek out your opinion on key issues and topics. Our method is online polls, announced to members via email, and completed on our website. Here are summaries of the results of two of our most recent polls.

Auto Dealer Inspection Licensing

We asked how our association should react to the Massachusetts Senate bill (S.2261) that would allow automobile dealerships to be licensed as inspection stations. Members gave it a “thumbs down,” with one respondent writing, “Terrible idea. Dealers will put stickers on cars nullifying their lemon law rights.”

Is Marketing Your Shop Through an Insurance Company Beneficial?

This question comes down to a vote on direct repair programs for collision shops. Reaction was mixed:  two-thirds of respondents said “Yes,” marketing through insurance programs was beneficial; while one-third of respondents said “No.” This debate may never end.

Your Input is Requested

We are still seeking feedback on which legislative issues should be priorities for ASAMARI to address in 2018. Which bills we should focus on? How we should address them? You can voice your opinion by completing our poll online here.

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