The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released statistics for wages in the collision repair industry. The numbers are based on wages reported in 2016, the latest year for which full results are available. The results reveal that body shop workers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are among the highest paid in the country.

Body technicians in Massachusetts earned a median wage (middle of all reported results) of $49,260 per year in 2016. This puts Massachusetts body techs at #4 among all states. The range of annual wages was $32,640 to $65,700. Painters earned slightly more, with a median wage of $49,960 (#5 in the U.S.), within a range of $38,140 to $67,590.

Rhode Island body techs did even better, earning a median income of $50,340 (#3 in the U.S.), within a range of $24,850 to $64,810. But painters in the Ocean State were behind their Massachusetts compatriots, earning median wages of $47,650 (#9 in the U.S.) in a range of $34,700 to $62,610.

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