Winter weather brings a lot of challenges to drivers in New England. The best thing you can do for yourself and family is to stock your car with everything you may need in case of emergency.

Here are 8 items every New England driver should keep in their car this winter:

1. Jumper Cables

A dead battery is one of the top reasons drivers find themselves stranded. Jumper cables are essential in this scenario. And if you’re worried about not being able to find someone to jump you, there are portable batteries designed for this exact purpose.

2. A Warm Blanket

We’ve all heard stories of the blizzard of ’78, even if we didn’t live through it. People were stranded in their cars for hours, if not days. Having at least one quality blanket will help you stay warm while you’re waiting out severe weather.

3. Road Flares

An icy patch can cause you to slide off the road. If this happens, you want to prevent the next driver from doing the same thing. Using a road flare can help protect both you and any other drivers that come along.

4. Flashlight and First Aid Kit

A flashlight can come in handy in any number of ways, as can a well-stocked first aid kit. Both easily fit in the glove compartment and are a must-have for all New England drivers.

5. Rock Salt and Escape Tool

Rock salt can speed up the process of escaping from a snowy spot exponentially. And on the rare occasion that you are so snowed in that you can’t even open the door, an escape tool could be the difference between a freezing night in the car and a quick exit. The good news is, most escape tools only cost about $10.

6. Shovel

Commuting to work on a day when the snow is supposed to pick up while you’re working? Nothing is worse than leaving work at the end of a long day and not being able to back out of your spot without skidding out. Having a shovel in the car ensures you’ll be able to quickly get out and home to the family.

7. Snacks

All the effort it takes to handle wild winter elements in your car requires energy. Having snacks handy will help you to weather the storm without losing strength.

8. Portable Phone Charger

If your car battery dies, so does your phone charger. And if your phone dies, so does your communication with the outside world. That’s why a portable phone charger is vital in the case of a winter weather break down.

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