The Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board (ADALB or Board) is authorized to oversee all motor vehicle damage appraisers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts pursuant to M.G.L. c. 26, § 8G and 212 CMR 2.00 et seq. titled, “The Appraisal and Repair of Damaged Motor Vehicles” as promulgated by the ADALB. In relevant part M.G.L. c. 26, § 8G provides, “The board shall after notice and hearing in the manner provided in chapter thirty A adopt rules and regulations governing licenses under this section in order to promote the public welfare and safety.” In addition 212 CMR 2.01(1) provides, “Purpose and Applicability. The purpose of 212 CMR 2.00 is to promote the public welfare and safety by improving the quality and economy of the appraisal and repair of damaged motor vehicles… .” Furthermore, 212 CMR 2.04(1)(e) in pertinent part 3 reads, “If, while in the performance of his or her duties as a licensed auto damage appraiser, an appraiser recognizes that a damaged repairable vehicle has incurred damage that would impair the operational safety of the vehicle, the appraiser shall immediately notify the owner of said vehicle that the vehicle may be unsafe to drive. The licensed auto damage appraiser shall also comply with the requirements of M.G.L. c. 26, § 8G the paragraph that pertains to the removal of a vehicle’s safety inspection sticker in certain situations.” Under its authority the ADALB is, inter alia, authorized to: issue licenses to all motor vehicle damage appraisers in the Commonwealth (licensed appraisers or appraiser) 212 CMR 2.02, regulate the conduct of motor vehicle damage appraisers in the Commonwealth 212 CMR 2.02, regulate the manner of conducting motor vehicle damage appraisals 212 CMR 2.04, and to issue Advisory Rulings pursuant to 212 CMR 2.01(3) and M.G.L. c. 30A, § 8. It is the intention of the ADALB to issue an Advisory Ruling consistent with 212 CMR 2.00 et seq. and M.G.L. c. 26, § 8G to be followed by licensed appraisers. Pursuant to its authority, the ADALB voted by a majority vote at the Board’s meeting held on December 6, 2017, to adopt this Advisory Ruling.


212 CMR 2.04(1)(e) states in relevant part “[T]he appraisers representing the insurance company and the registered repair shop selected by the insured to do the repair shall attempt to agree on the estimated cost for such repairs. The registered repair shop must prepare an appraisal for the purpose of negotiation. No appraiser shall modify any published manual (i.e., Motors, Mitchell or any automated appraisal system) without prior negotiation between the parties. Manufacturer warranty repair procedures, I-Car, Tec Cor and paint manufacturer procedures may also apply… .” The Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board has passed a motion declaring that for the purposes of reducing traffic accidents and safeguarding users of motor vehicles against unreasonable risks of accident, injury, or death, when structural damage is caused to the structural/frame component of a motor vehicle (the main structure of the vehicle and/or any component designed to provide structural integrity of the vehicle), and if the repair of a damaged part will impair the operational safety of the motor vehicle requiring the replacement of the part,1 to ensure the safe and proper repair of a damaged motor vehicle the Manufacturer warranty repair procedures shall be followed. Components that are bolted onto a motor vehicle are not considered part of its structure or frame. This Advisory Ruling shall be effective upon posting on the Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board public website. Failure to comply with this ruling could result in fines and penalties as provided by law.

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