The Automotive Service Association of Massachusetts and Rhode Island (ASA MA/RI) has written to Governor Baker and asked that he make fixing the problem plagued new program for emissions inspections, which rolled out October 1, an administration priority. You can read the full letter here.

ASA MA/RI expressed their frustration at the poor planning and it’s effect on consumers and repairers. It also said its members were incensed by several comments by the RMV that give the impression it was repairers who were to blame.

Executive Director Stephen Regan stated, “Shop owners I have spoken to are incensed, not only at the significant loss of revenue and being unable to serve their loyal customers, but at having the RMV lay the blame at their doorstep. That is unacceptable.”

Repairers were required to spend an addition $2,000 more to equip each bay than other bids submitted.  A conservative estimate is $11.6 million.

Meanwhile the state received an additional 59 cents per inspection, which netted an $8 million windfall.

“The repairers did their part and now at this critical moment cannot get phone calls answered from either of these entities,” said Regan. “You can’t even leave a message! With an $8 million windfall someone could at least answer the phone.”

ASA MA/RI is one of 18 state and regional affiliates of the national trade association Automotive Service Association (ASA). The Automotive Service Association is the largest not-for-profit trade association of its kind dedicated to and governed by independent automotive service and collision repair professionals. ASA services an international membership base that includes numerous state affiliate and chapter groups.


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