Collision Week has published its latest Collision Repair Industry Market Profile, which uses data collected from U.S. government sources, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), and independent research to paint a state-by-state picture of collision repair in the country. The numbers for Massachusetts and Rhode Island show a robust industry.

Number of Registered Vehicles MA: 5,011.514 RI: 859,346

Number of Independent Repair Facilities MA: 1,024 RI: 188

Number of Employees at Independent Facilities MA: 6,019 RI: 1,416

Dealer Repair Facilities (estimated) MA: 182 RI: 33

Number of Employees at Dealer Facilities (estimatedMA:1,203 RI: 221

Non-Employers (one-person shops) MA: 966 RI: 163

Non-Employer Receipts MA: $53,795,000 RI: $7,261,000

Total Estimated Market Value MA: $1,119,398,000 RI: $249,976,000

The estimated size of the collision repair market in the U.S., from all sources, is over $43.5 billion, spread over 33,648 independent shops, 6,452 dealer shops, and 80,348 “non-employer” repairers.

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